Neuro-vision therapy is recommended when visual symptoms manifest as a result of weaker nerve wiring between the brain and the eyes.  Although some visual symptoms may resolve, most will persist if not addressed. Our goal is to help the patient use their vision as efficiently as possible and improve higher order brain processing, which would improve learning-related visual symptoms.  It is important to know that these visual challenges may not be apparent to the patient because they are not aware that they could have more efficient vision.


Issues that can be treated with vision therapy:

  • Double vision

  • Concussion

  • Eye strain/ headaches with near work

  • Lazy or turned eye

  • Trouble reading or viewing phone/computer screens

  • Skipping lines/words when reading

  • Jerky pursuits when tracking objects (oculomotor dysfunction)

  • Trouble with depth perception

  • Blurry or fluctuating vision

  • Dizziness/ motion sickness

  • Poor peripheral awareness


* Please be aware that we do not do neuro-vision therapy to make a normal far or near sighted person’s vision “sharper” so that they will not require glasses anymore. We also do not do neuro-vision therapy to directly treat dyslexia or learning disabilities.  In cases where an individual has a learning disability, we aim to treat poor eye tracking and other eye teaming abnormalities (which has a higher occurrence in individuals affected by learning disabilities).

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