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Ocular Imaging

Experience State of the Art Technology

Not all eye diseases cause vision problems, especially in the early stages, and not all eye diseases are detectable just by looking through the microscope. Our digital retinal camera and optical coherence tomography (OCT) allows us to detect eye diseases before they cause symptoms, thus allowing quicker detection. 

What We Offer


Our Digital Retinal Camera uses flash photography to capture a snapshot of the structures in the eye. Digital photos stay in the patient file as part of the medical record to act as a basis for comparison in future visits. We use it to monitor any small changes in the blood vessels, macula, optic nerve, and retinal features. It is a valuable tool for all patients, and especially for our patients with diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma or glaucoma suspicion, or family members with these conditions. 


Instead of just looking and analyzing the surface of retina, OCT imaging allows us to further examine the deeper layers of the retina which are not visible through the miscroscope. OCT imaging also allows for an in depth analysis for glaucoma risk and glaucoma monitoring. OCT imaging is similar to ultrasound imaging, but uses safe light and has no radiation.

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