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Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is a personalized rehabilitation treatment plan designed to help correct visual problems that cannot be fixed by glasses or contact lenses alone. It is usually a 10-20+ week program (case dependent) and aims to decrease symptoms by focused exercises and therapy tailored to a patient’s needs.

The aim is to maximize eye efficiency and eye teaming ability so that you can focus on school or work without having to compensate for your visual symptoms on their own.

Dr. Jason Chan can diagnose and customize a personalized treatment plan for you.


We currently have openings to start immediately with new clients! Send us an email at to find out more information.

Issues that can be addressed with vision therapy:

- Double vision
- Concussion
- Eye strain/ headaches with near work
- Lazy or turned eye
- Trouble reading or viewing digital screens 
- Skipping lines/words when reading  

- Jerky eye tracking
  (oculomotor dysfunction)
- Poor peripheral awareness

- Trouble with depth perception 
- Blurry or fluctuating vision
- Dizziness/ motion sickness

   and more!

Vision Therapy Intake Forms 

For your first assessment, save time by completing, printing or emailing us ( the vision therapy intake form!

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